About Our Company

At Splendid Organics, we aim to create natural, organic skincare products that help keep your skin youthful, glowing ,and feeling fantastic. Striking the perfect balance between science and nature, our range of self-care products accommodate all skin types, using all-natural, holistic and plant-based ingredients.

Our high-quality face and body products let you feel refreshed, relaxed, and nourished every day of the week. They’ll leave your skin feeling rejuvenated, soothed, and bright all day long.

Our special ranges lend a touch of ethical luxury to your routine. We’ve harnessed the power of everything from activated charcoal to Bulgarian rose, giving you spa-quality treatments, whenever you need a little pampering.

Our products are 100% cruelty-free, organic and made in America, using only the finest quality ingredients. From natural plant extracts to gorgeous essential oils, our products will make a skin-friendly, aroma-therapeutic addition to your self-care routine.

Indulge your mind, body and soul with Splendid Organics - you know you deserve it!